Types of Cycling

Cycling is a very effective and structured way of performing a regular physical activity to maintain your fitness. After its discovery in the 19th century, bicycle riding is becoming popular all around the globe especially in European countries. Huge bicycle racing contests are held in different parts of the world.

There are many types of cycling Road bicycles, Track cycling, Cyclo-cross, Mountain biking, Cycle Speedway, Motor-paced racing, and much more.

Let us describe some important features of these above-mentioned cycling types

Road bicycle :

Road bicycles are light in weight and are stripped down. These bikes are designed efficiently for recreational riding, mostly on pavement. These road bicycles are of different styles include aero bikes, Commuter bikes, Touring bikes, Gravel bikes etc. Road bicycles are also used in contests where people take part as a team and as an individual too. These contests are mostly held in spring through autumn and it is a one-day race contest. Many people ride these bicycles to do physical activity to keep their bodies active.

Motor-paced racing:

Motor-paced cycling is cycling behind a pacer in a car or on a motorcycle. The cyclist stick near the airstream of their pacer. The first paced races started behind other cyclists, sometimes the number of riders are as many as five riders on the same tandem.

Mountain Bikes:

Mountain bikes are bumpy machines with flat handlebars and wide, they have knobby tires to ride narrow dirt trails easily. Mountain bikes are used for mountain racing, these races are held off-road. There are several varieties of races like cross-country racing, trail riding, all-mountain, downhill, and freeride. To take part in mountain biking one should know technical bike handling skills, This sport relies on your core strength and balance, and independence.

Utility Bicycle:

Utility bicycles are designed for practical cycling. The handlebars of these bicycles are always curved back and positioned higher and this is for the ease of rider, so that the rider can operate controls without changing his riding posture. Some bicycles also have a child seat. These types of bicycles are used for different tasks, that involve carrying family members and also use in cargo.

Gravel Bikes:

Gravel bikes are different from road bikes they have a longer wheelbase and slacker angles. By appearance it looks like a conventional road bike, a gravel bike is specially designed for more stable handling off-road racing.

Cyclo-cross Bicycle :

Cyclocross bike are drop-bar bike that is specifically designed to tackle the most popular and demanding racing disciplines. In this form of bicycle racing, races are held generally between 40 minutes and an hour-long, but the distance varies according to the ground conditions.

Track cycling :

Track bicycle is a bicycle whose fixture differs from other bicycles. It has a higher bottom bracket so the pedals do not touch a steeply banked track, their chain stays are a bit shorter and have a steeper seat tube angle to have a more aerodynamic spot. Racing on this bicycle takes place mostly on banked tracks. Their events are more diversified and can range from individual and team pursuits to various groups and mass start. The Bicycles used in this type of racing do not have brakes or freewheels.

Cycle speedway :

Cycle speedway is a form of bicycle racing that takes place usually outdoors on a short oval dirt track. This type of racing is typically 70–90 meters long. Just like motorcycle speedway, the riders taking part in this riding use machines with no brakes or it may have multiple gears but, the object is not to slide bikes round the turns like motor speedway.

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